Bespoke shirts - Hugo Morris Bespoke
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Bespoke shirts

As a UK shirt maker we have an extensive range of British and Italian shirting material for you to choose. You will have the opportunity to select from our extensive shirting range of over 1000 shirt materials, as an example we have over a 50 choices of white, so if you need a shirt for a smart night out, business, your wedding or a new dress shirt to make you comfortable when wearing your dinner suit we have the shirting choice for you.


You can choose shirting material in plain, stripes and checks, in traditional weaves such as poplin, panama, voile, twill, oxford and herringbone there is an extensive choice for you.


It goes without saying you also get to decide upon your style and the type of fit you would like.


We also offer specific selections of collar style, including traditional Prince of Wales and Duke of Kent as well as the modern the stylish two and three button collars.


And it that was not enough you can select your buttons as well as a wide cuff selection for buttons or cufflinks. It’s your decision if you want your shirt monogrammed with your initials, or a special date sewn into your collar.


A handmade Hugo Morris shirt is not a difficult choice, what is tough is going back to a buying a shirt “off the peg”, when it is new shirt time.