Bespoke Weddings - Hugo Morris Bespoke
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Bespoke Weddings

Getting married?

At Hugo Morris, we are passionate at making a suit for a Bride or a Groom so that you look fantastic and not just like another wedding guest. It goes without saying that one of the easiest ways to look great on your wedding day is to choose a style that you will feel really comfortable wearing all day.

It is your personal choice and there are no strict rules on what you must wear. As an example we have made three piece formal morning suits for Grooms that were married in a field and have also made trousers, waistcoats and handmade shirts for Brides that were married in a Palace.

Whether you wish to wear a formal or completely laid back look, if you want tails, a three piece, two piece lounge suit or maybe you are hiring your suit and you would like a handmade shirt, our tailors are here to help you.

What to think about?

When we make any suit we consider the time of year for its wear as a really important factor, but doubly so for your wedding. This is where our tailors will be able to help you when choosing the right cloth weight to make your suit.

We love to make a suit that can be worn all year round. However we are very aware that the suit cloth selected to get married in on a beach in the Caribbean is not the same cloth for getting married in England in the Autumn and also wanting to use the suit after the wedding for commuting to work on the train.

How to use colour?

Colour can be used to link key wedding party members together. You can always use the “core” wedding colour as a suit lining and with over 1000 linings from which to select we will be able to match a suitable colour for your suit.

We can also make ties and cravats in the same colour scheme for you and members of your wedding party creating exclusive bespoke accessories for your wedding.

Handmade shirts, our key recommendation

Whether you choose a Hugo Morris suit for your wedding day or you decide to hire your suit we always recommend that a you wear a Hugo Morris handmade shirt for the big day. Although it is about the “look” it’s also about comfort.

As it unlikely you will wear your jacket all of the time making a shirt for yourself will give you comfort, superb style and keep you looking sharp and smart for the whole day.

For more wedding suit inspiration, take a look at Hugo Morris Pinterest boards.